Mike Hurry is Cutting His Lucius Locks!!

Retired Executive Director Michael Hurry is dying then CUTTING his famous long hair and beard!šŸ˜±

Here is the timeline of the event:
-By July 15th if $7,500 is raised Mike will be dying his hair Big Brothers Big Sisters BLUE
-By August 1st if $15,000 is raised Mike will be going back to our roots and dying his beard PURPLE
-Then on August 15th Mike will be completely CHOPPING off his hair and beard!!āœ‚ļø



The highest donor gets the honour of the first cut at the Live event being held at Refined Fool on London road.

Our goal is $20,000 in donations. Refined Fool and Burger Rebellion have agreed to donate 15% of their sales on the day of the event!